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Liar Liar Pants On Fire

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You lie to yourself all the time. Big fat lies. You think the lies are true. You even tell your lies to others. How do I know that? I catch myself and everyone else lying all the time.


The more conscious you become, the more you will listen for your own lies. The more that you can do this in your own life, the more you will hear others lie directly to your face. It may not be totally our fault that we lie, but it most definitely our responsibility.


We lie, because we believe what our overactive mind tells us. This is where anxiety often comes from. The overactive mind tells us so many things about ourselves. Not just things that we’ve come up with on our own, things that we were conditioned or programmed to believe. Things that were implanted in us by some authority or someone in power or even a peer. Think: mother, father, teacher, cousin, elder, friend, church, community, government etc. The source matters little. It’s more about the things that we have never questioned about ourselves.


When we begin to question, we start waking up in a whole new way. Don Miguel Ruiz the author of the Four Agreements calls these beliefs agreements. Agreements are lies that we not only believe, but repeat over and over again.


Very often these lies surface when we talk about ourselves. They serve to justify our desires. Here’s a simple example that I busted myself on: “I’m not a morning person.” I said that enough times to actually believe it, but it’s a lie. I said it as an excuse, when I didn’t want to get up early, but it became my agreement. When I finally called bullshit on this lie, everything changed. Now, I love waking up early and listening to the birds chirp before the rest of the world wakes. It’s the most peaceful part of my day.


Many of the lies we believe about ourselves are negative and hold us back. They inflict pain, self inflicted pain, despite not being true. Here’s another one that caused me to feel sad, even depressed at times.


Lie: “I don’t belong anywhere.”


I said this enough times that perpetuated feelings of loneliness and not feeling accepted. These feelings came directly from a re-occurring thought that I even spoke aloud to friends. When we speak it, it deepens the agreement.


Here’s the truth:


I belong everywhere.” The day that I uncovered this was magical. It changed my perspective about so much. The feeling of belonging wherever I go is so freeing and empowering. It means I can be me no matter where I am or who I’m with.


How did I uncover these lies?


Yoga, but not just any old yoga. Real Yoga! Real Yoga is: movement, breathwork, meditation, & your true nature in a seamless process.


The mind lies all the time, but your body never lies! If you want to get to your truth, you must turn your attention from listening to your mind to listening to your body. You must go from transmitting to receiving. From doing, to being. You must quiet the mind, so that you can be with and feel that which is always taking place. Source energy. The same source energy that created you. The actual energy that is beating your heart.


If you take time in your busy day to practice this, I promise it will rapidly change your life.


This is foreign for most people, but 100% doable. In fact, it is the hope for humanity.




What do you lie about? What lies are holding you back in life?

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