Body Wisdom Training


“I truly feel blessed to have worked with thousands of people over the years. I have never worked on one person that did not feel better from my work. Whether it was to alleviate pain and discomfort from injury, releasing deep muscular tension from years of repetitive motion, preparing someone for a sporting event or helping someone move through grief. Touch is vital to children and that need never goes away. Touch is essential for healing on all levels.”     ~Joseph

We call it bodywork, because it covers a lot of ground.

I work intuitively which means that I may use several

different massage techniques including, but not limited to:

deep tissue, orthopedic, medical massage, Thai, Traeger,

cranio-sacral, trigger point, sports, myo-fascial. 

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Registration is currently open for: The Medicine Yoga Retreat January 14-18, 2023