Body Wisdom Training

All You Think About Is Sex

The reason men think about sex all the time is because we were made that way. It’s not that we are flawed it’s that we have creative energy and if that creative energy is not directed in a healthy way, it can turn into negative habits, anxiety, addiction or obsession. If this God given creative […]

Stress, Drugs and Rock & Roll

If you go to your doctor for stress and anxiety, they’ll most likely give you drugs, I mean medication, but it’s not a fix. In most cases it’s only treating the symptoms and not at all getting to the root cause of your stress and anxiety. Will you feel better? Actually, you’ll just feel less […]

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

You lie to yourself all the time. Big fat lies. You think the lies are true. You even tell your lies to others. How do I know that? I catch myself and everyone else lying all the time.   The more conscious you become, the more you will listen for your own lies. The more […]

You Are A Miracle

When you look into the crystal clear eyes of a newborn baby who’s breathing loudly and making little noises, it’s easy to say: “my God you are a little miracle.”       By definition a miracle is an extraordinary event. An event that is said to be inexplicable, perhaps even divine. The truth is, […]

The Stretching Obsession

Most people still think Yoga is about flexibility measured by your ability to touch your toes or assume some other bodily position. While being flexible might be useful, there is little evidence proving that flexibility alone makes us healthier. Yoga is much more expansive than all the boxes that people have put it in, even […]

Do Your Own Yoga

If you go to yoga classes, you’re most likely doing someone else’s yoga. Most people who practice yoga go to a studio or fitness center otherwise they may not practice at all. Fair enough, it most definitely takes desire and discipline to learn and do a daily Yoga practice for yourself, but in my view […]


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