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We believe that Yoga is greatly underutilized in the world today as an appropriate response to life, both individually and collectively. There has never been a more important time for self-care, care of one another and our planet. In this way yoga practice is activism. We believe that yoga is for all people, ages, body types, health conditions, personalities and cultures. 
Body Wisdom School of Yoga is dedicated to teaching Yoga from the source. Our program is designed in two distinct parts.
Part 1. Training You
We help you cultivate Your Own Daily Yoga Practice through:

~ the highest quality of information passed down through the source or heart of Yoga.
Action~ embodying and understanding through action or practice.
Accountability~ we help you develop the discipline and devotion (Bhakti) to do your own daily yoga as a spiritual practice powerfully and safely.
Part 2. Training The Teacher
Anatomy and Physiology, Teaching techniques including voice activation, the empowered teacher, developing class structure, holding space, speaking to the body, assisting, getting out of your own way, teaching with integrity, authenticity, creating flow, and building a connection to your students.
We also cover: philosophy, the Great Tradition of Yoga history, Krishnamacharya, Desikachar, the business of yoga, getting paid, standards, ethics, professionalism, community building, mind set training, nervous system reset and more.
Whether you’re teaching one person or a group class, you will learn the skills and practices to embody your inner teacher directly from your own personal yoga practice.
Requirements to Teach Yoga:
1. You have your own Yoga practice.
2. You have a teacher.
3. You care about people.

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Joseph’s yoga classes have changed my perspective on yoga, healing, alignment, breathwork, and my own body. As a physical therapist I was previously very focused on getting correct alignment and muscle activation during my yoga practice. I was doing yoga from my mind and working too hard to do it “right”. Joseph has taught me that I don’t need to try to do yoga “right”. Simply by doing yoga, I am doing it right. Through his breath centered practice, I have found that I have not only achieved more calm and peace both during and following my yoga practice, but I have also improved my posture, strength, and alignment. By following my breath and trusting my body’s own intuition, I have healed and strengthened my body. I no longer judge myself during my yoga practice, but can let go and allow my breath to guide me. This shift has also made yoga something I look forward to doing, rather than viewing it as something I should do or have to do. Thank you, Joseph!

  Kelly Arnoldy MPT, DPT, Chicago, IL


Registration is currently open for: The Medicine Yoga Retreat January 14-18, 2023