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Stress, Drugs and Rock & Roll

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If you go to your doctor for stress and anxiety, they’ll most likely give you drugs, I mean medication, but it’s not a fix. In most cases it’s only treating the symptoms and not at all getting to the root cause of your stress and anxiety. Will you feel better? Actually, you’ll just feel less altogether. Is that better? Not up to me to say.


What I do know, is that the human body is an extraordinary work of art no matter what body type you have or what you think about yourself. We have over 30 trillion cells, all of which transmit electricity. We are made to feel, not only our nervous system, but the specially designed cells of the heart. When our heart is aligned to the mind we become passionate about life itself.


What about therapy? Psychotherapy is great as long as it does two things: connects you to your body, so that you’re speaking from your feelings and not just thinking, because your mind lies to you all the time. We often just repeat narratives that the mind is spitting out about our past over and over and over again, which in many cases amplifies the negativity that you’re already experiencing. Second, there must be actionable practices to do daily. If you’re practicing mind/body integration on a daily basis, you’re therapy will work 10x better.


Most stress and anxiety is nothing more than our own intelligence working against itself. Much of it can be alleviated just through understanding how this amazing, highly intelligent machine that we call a body actually works. Learning how our mind and body interprets and processes information is half the battle. The other half has to do with our daily routines and practices.


Once you have an understanding of what stress and anxiety actually is and why you have it, it’s so much easier to implement the right practices into your daily life. This is essentially what my brand new online program actually does. You don’t have to be suffering from anxiety to enroll, it’s knowledge that I believe everyone should know. It’s called The Stress No More Program and it contains over twenty years of information, personal development and mind/body practices in a 12 Module Course.


The truth is, we’ve never been taught the importance of mind/body/spirit practices. As a society, we’ve never needed it more than we do right now!

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