Body Wisdom Training

Body Wisdom Training

Do Your Own Yoga


I will help you develop a daily Yoga practice designed just for your unique body, age, health condition and belief system. You will learn powerful breathing technique and how to move your body with integrity. Then, I will hold you accountable for doing it. Learn how an authentic Yoga practice can transform your life.  



Get ready to transform! All of our retreats are built around creating a safe, positive, nurturing environment. Whether you are new to Yoga or are an experienced practitioner, we will guide you into a powerful healing experience for your body, mind, spirit.  

Miracle Mind Body Training System

A 12-week interactive breakthrough training system. You will learn how your mind and body are integrated, how to release deep seated tension and anxiety, and cultivate daily practices that keep you on track. You will have 24/7 direct access to program content and group support, so you never feel alone. You’ll receive a workbook and be invited to two weekly live calls per week. Reprogram your mind, nervous system and much more.

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The conversation my husband and I had after Joseph’s first class went something like: “Wow, that was different; now THAT felt like real yoga.”

Joseph is a great teacher. Little did I know then how my life would be transformed by Joseph’s teaching and passion for yoga. Now, 12 years later, I cannot imagine my life or my body without a regular practice. I have taken yoga classes all around the country, Joseph remains the best teacher I have encountered and most of his students have said the same. His knowledge of the body leads to clarity of instructions; a logical, healthful, and challenging flow. His ability to be present with every student in every class is rare. His commentary and facilitation in class and retreats guides his students to true introspection. I highly recommend Joseph as a teacher and guide.     

   Sara Weiner,  Ph.D., Tucson AZ

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Registration is currently open for: The Medicine Yoga Retreat January 14-18, 2023